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Important Tips and Tools for B2B Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing


B2B social media marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on targeting potential customers involved in the business-to-business world of Columbus, Ohio. It’s different from B2C social media marketing, which targets consumers. Rather than focusing on selling products or services, a B2B social media agency Columbus Ohio will focus on providing helpful content to help their target audiences with challenges they may be facing within their businesses.

There are many ways to use B2B social media channels for your company – we’ll go over some of them in this blog post!

How to create a B2B social media strategy

  • Align goals with business objectives

What are your company’s business objectives? How can a social media marketing agency Columbus help you reach them? It’s essential to know the answers to these questions before creating a strategy.

  • Identify opportunities

Browsing through your B-to-B customers’ posts on various social networks is an excellent way of identifying their biggest problems and challenges so that you can provide helpful content, ideas, or solutions to attract new leads for your company.

  • Get personal

It’s more effective when companies go beyond being “corporate” and instead show themselves as people who have expertise within certain fields – it allows businesses to create trust with potential clients. People want someone they can relate to! They’ll be much more likely to engage with a company that presents itself as a person rather than an organization.

  • Use the right social media platforms

While LinkedIn is thought of mainly for business networking, it’s also helpful to post updates about your products and services on this platform. B-to-B marketers can use Twitter to share industry news or content from other sources relevant to their audience.

  • Find an interesting angle

The best way you can do this is through blogging – create educational posts like case studies, interview summaries (with experts in your field), checklists, video tutorials. Anything that makes readers feel more informed! It’s also important not to forget about visuals; infographics are great but don’t limit yourself there — data visualizations, charts, and graphs all work well too.

  • Plan how you will measure your efforts

The best way to do this is by tracking your links. The more you can track, the better because it lets you know where people are coming from and helps you determine whether or not specific campaigns are working (in terms of both traffic and conversions).

Best B2B social media tools

  • Google Analytics

This is a tool by Google that allows you to track the activity on your website. It will tell you how many people are coming to your site, where they’re coming from, and what types of content are most popular. This is helpful if you want to hire a Columbus PPC company and  incorporate ads into your marketing strategy.

  • UTM Parameters

UTM parameters allow marketers to create specific URLs for different marketing initiatives so that they can measure their impact. For example, if a marketer wants to promote an event using UGC, she might use utm_content=eventname as h. Whenever – then when viewing analytics reports she could easily see how much traffic was generated through user-generated content vs other channels.

  • Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the more popular tools that a social media marketing agency Columbus can use. It’s used to schedule messages, track interactions and measure analytics metrics across multiple social channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

  • Brandwatch

With Brandwatch, you can monitor what people are saying about your company or product across different social channels – plus receive alerts when relevant conversations happen so that you don’t miss out on significant developments. You can also view historical data for comparisons (like sentiment over time) which makes it easy to see how things change as events unfold.

  • Salesforce

With this tool, marketers get an end-to-end solution for monitoring brand presence on all major social platforms, including blogs/forums, news sites, and review sites.

It is useful because it gives you an insight into your presence across different channels – allowing you to identify gaps, for example, where people are talking about but not mentioning the brand.

  • Sparkcentral

This tool allows marketers to measure how effective their content is by knowing who’s sharing what and with whom on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. It also lets users track social media stats like view count, retweets, etc., in real-time so they can make adjustments as necessary to maximize results.


Social media marketing isn’t just for the B2C crowd. The tips and tools we’ve outlined in this blog can help you increase your brand awareness, get more qualified leads, and drive higher conversions with less effort.

We’re a digital marketing agency Columbus, and we are experts at translating complicated ideas into simple social posts that will engage your audience while increasing their trust in your company’s expertise. If you want to learn how these principles could work for your business or need some help figuring out which ones would be most effective for what you do, get in touch with us today.

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