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Everything You Must Know About White Gold & Rhodium Rings

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Pure yellow gold rings and jewellery has been a popular choice for ages. However, with changing times there has been a shift in metal preference. A lot of the younger generations have begun to choose white gold and rhodium engagement ring over the traditional gold rings. But is this new choice of metal as pure as the traditional yellow gold? Here is everything you need to know about white gold and rhodium rings.

What is White Gold?

To begin with, white gold is real gold and not an imitation of gold. However, it is a combination or an alloy of pure gold with other white metals such as nickel, silver, platinum, or zinc. Often engagement rings available in the market are either 14 or 18 carats, and it is combined with other metals for durability.

Originally, the colour of white gold is yellow, but with careful choice of alloy metals, it is bleached to white. After this process, white gold rings undergo a rhodium plating process for extra shine, lustre and whiteness. The plating is done because white gold at its best will still have a slight yellow tint to it. But if the white gold has higher alloy property, then it will have a white base on which the rhodium plating can last longer.

What is Rhodium Plating?

Rhodium is a hard metal, a member of the platinum family, that is used to coat jewellery for extra lustre and durability. Often white gold jewellery or engagement rings are plated with rhodium for ultra-whiteness, scratch-resistant property and high durability of the metal. Due to this, the prices of rhodium rings are higher than the rest.

How long does the plating last?

Good quality rhodium plating should last almost 2-3 years. However, other factors can determine rhodium to weather. For instance, if you have a white gold ring that has a yellow tint to it and you wear it daily, then the chances are that within a year, or maybe less, the yellow tint will begin to show. However, if the white gold does not have a yellow tint, then it will begin to appear dull in colour instead of yellow. Thus, it depends on how much you wear the rhodium-plated ring.

When should you get your jewellery plated with rhodium?

Well, rhodium plating can be done on any metal – gold, silver, platinum and white gold. However, it is essential that the previous plating is stripped off before you get a new plating done.

Can rhodium plating affect any gemstones or diamonds?

No, it is safe for gemstones and diamonds when it comes to rhodium plating. This is because rhodium plating requires electric current to bind with the metal element for plating to take place. On the other hand, gemstones are a bad conductor of electricity. Hence, it is safe for gemstones to undergo the plating process.

Making a romantic gesture to your loved one is a special moment. There is nothing compared to a simple white gold rhodium ring studded with diamond to mark a moment of celebration.

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