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Why Maharashtra is a Great Option When it Comes to Education

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Maharashtra is a state in western India with Mumbai as its capital, and it is called “the land of Shivaji”. Histories and cultural relics continue to exist today, a testimony to its rich cultural heritage. A financial hub and the largest business hub in the world, Mumbai is the country’s financial center. In India, Maharashtra contributes 25% of the country’s industrial output. As a matter of fact, one of the most prominent hubs in India for education is Maharashtra, which is home to many elite schools and universities. CBSE Schools, ICSE schools, Thane schools, Mumbai schools, IIT Bombay, Mumbai University, and other renowned institutions are located in Maharashtra. So it goes without saying that the education system in Maharashtra is well adapted to shape the future of your child, right from childhood.

The Education System in Maharashtra

It is divided into 35 districts and almost every district offers excellent educational opportunities. Several state-affiliated schools, as well as world-class training institutes, cater to the needs of the students. Compared with other states, the education system in Maharashtra is excellent. The district includes Pune as well. This particular place belongs to the category “the center of learning”. Besides Pune, there are a number of other districts which have great education infrastructure. Some of them include Aurangabad, Kolhapur, Mumbai, and Ahmednagar.

A Look at the Primary Education in Maharashtra

 Maharashtra has a similar primary education system to other parts of the country. India’s education system is based on the 10+2 system. The school districts of Maharashtra provide both primary and secondary education through the Maharashtra State Secondary School Certificate, the Indian School Certificate Examination (ICSE), or the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Maharashtra schools mostly use Marathi as their medium of instruction. However, most of the ICSE and CBSE schools in the state use English for educational purposes. Maharashtra is also known to have schools that teach Marathi and Hindi as second languages. There are schools in Pune, Thane schools, many prep schools in the area offering a variety of educational opportunities. The primary level of education in Maharashtra emphasizes child development techniques. Every child is supposed to get proper training under the proper education system from the age of three. Having primary teachers provide each child with warmth and affection allows them to concentrate on their development with ease.

Higher Education In Maharashtra

 After class X, Maharashtra students are quite focused on their subject line. A complete education in their field of specialty is their goal. Several state-owned and privately-owned universities are located in Maharashtra. There are many higher education institutions associated with the education system in Maharashtra, but the attempt to attain excellence in higher education is restricted to these institutions. Medical and engineering graduates from this state are among the best in the country.

With education at its forefront for so long, Maharashtra has stepped up its efforts in this direction rapidly. As well, the state has progressed faster because of the presence of all development catalysts.

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