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Top 5 Paintings for Gifting

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Paintings for Gifting


If there is a special occasion around the corner for your near and dear ones and you’re looking up for the best gift for them, this is the article that you should read till the end. When it comes to gifting, paintings are one of the gift ideas that people have been following for ages. And, believe us, they make a perfect gift even today. Therefore, this article will help you discover the top 5 paintings for gifting. These painting styles will impress the receiver and let them know your unique choice. You can buy paintings online for gifting purposes from famous art-selling platforms. So, let us begin with the list.

1. Floral Paintings

If you are thinking of gifting a flower bouquet to them then replace it with a floral painting. Yes, buying a floral painting is more sensible than buying a bouquet of flowers as flowers will get dry in a few hours but a painting will last for a long time. The floral painting is also more affordable than real flowers so it’s great from the money perspective too. You can buy floral paintings in different looks such as rose floral art, lilies floral painting, and more. The options are endless.

2. Seven Running Horses Paintings

The second amazing painting for gifting is the Seven Running Horses art. It is a timeless piece of painting that is simply apt for any horse lover. This kind of painting is made for gifting on occasions such as Christmas, Easter, and Birthdays. The 7 running horses are believed to bring peace and joy to any house. This serene painting holds a huge significance from the view of Vastu Shastra. Hence, it is ideal for gifting at the housewarming ceremony.

3. Abstract Paintings

Another superb painting for gifting purposes is the Abstract painting. They are elegant, and because they are randomly designed, they easily impress anyone. Additionally, they come at a reasonable cost that makes it easy to buy abstract paintings without disturbing your monthly budget. Talking about their look and appeal, they are artistic and go with any combination and modern interiors. So, it doesn’t matter how the recipient’s home look, your painting gift will surely add some texture to their interior.

You can buy paintings online from the abstract collection and give your loved ones’ homes a perfect appeal with a perfect gift!

4. Landscape Paintings

When you don’t know anything about the recipient’s style and choice, then gifting a landscape painting is the best idea. Buy landscape paintings and you’re all set to go. These paintings are highly attractive and mesmerize the viewers in no time. Your loved one will undoubtedly praise your choice. This painting is an amazing gift that no one will ever think of passing to others but use for themselves. Coming to the styles, you can get a village scenery, waterfall artwork, mountain landscape painting, or forest painting. There are many other styles from which you can choose.

5. Boho Paintings

Boho paintings are trending at present so you can buy a boho painting for gifting to family and friends. It is an ideal painting for gifting at all events such as birthdays, festivals, homecoming, thanksgiving, anniversaries, inaugurations, etc. Such paintings give any home a bohemian and artistic look. The recipient will be happy to get such an extraordinary home decor gift item on their special day. The boho paintings are minimal, expressive, and fabulous pieces of art that blend with all interior themes ideally.


Of so many distinct styles of paintings that are available online and offline today, these are the perfect ones for gifting. These paintings are affordable and beautiful so you do not miss them out. Grab the best pieces for gifting to create an impression on your loved ones. The best thing about paintings as a gift is that there is a scope of customization. Yes, you can ask the seller to add the full name or initials of the recipient to add uniqueness to your gift. It will make your gift more special for them. Additionally, it will stand out from other gifts that they have got. They will love it!

What do you think about these 5 paintings for gifting purposes? Leave your comments down.

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