June 18, 2024

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Top Features of the ULIP

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the ULIP


In today’s article, we will tell you about the features of the ULIP and the benefits of wealth insurance plans. If you want to get the details in brief, then you have to read the complete article.

Benefits of the wealth insurance plan

  • You easily create an investment plan that covers the goals under the wealth plan. Get access to good returns for your hard-earned savings under this policy.
  • Under this wealth plan, you can select the investment option between the self-managed and systematic transfer options.

A way to manage the fund in the ulip investment

There are two ways in which you can easily manage your ULIP funds.

Automatic switching: in this managing method, your ULIP funds are managed by a professional fund manager based on the pre-defined investment criteria.

Self switching: in this managing method, you can switch your ULIP debt and proportion of the equity ULIP to reduce the loss, tap high market returns, mitigate fluctuations, etc.

Key features of ULIP

You have to look to the ULIP features where you understand the functioning and importance of the ULIP. So let us move toward the features of the ULIP.

  • Allocation of the investment: ULIP permits you to allocate the investment as per the risk of the appetite. By taking the conservative route, you can select aggressively and invest in equity and debt funds.
  • Flexibility: It is one of the flexible investment options in the market. You can invest according to your appetite and future goals and switch funds to match the changes per your needs. In these terms, you can also make partial withdrawals and additional sum investment in the top-up in the existing ULIP plan. Moreover, ULIP is considered transparent and permits you to track the performance via the NAV declared daily.
  • Switching of funds: If your requirement of funds charges according to the foreseen market changes, then the ULIP investment permits you to alter the allocation for your fund. It indicates that you can save and protect your ULP portfolio against market fluctuations and debt during the economic cracks and facing towards it to equity during the growth in the market.
  • Top-Ups: You may want to raise your ULIP investment from time to time; it is only possible to use the top-up facility; you can easily invest an amount larger than your regular investment.
  • Tax savings: ULIP is considered the best tax saving instrument as they enjoy the exemption, and status in the aspects of premiums, capital gains, maturity, and death benefits. Hence, the maturity and capital gain benefits are faced with some conditions.


This article described the types of ULIP. Here you understand the allocation charges, debt funds, tax savings, and many more facts.

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