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locket for men


Looking your best doesn’t have to be a challenge. With the right fashion accessories, you can easily achieve a fashion-forward look. All you need to know is what accessory should be paired with what kind of outfit. Here are some of our favorite accessories that will help you look your best. All of these accessories can be customized for a perfect tough of personality. Now, let us go through each of the accessories one by one.

1. Name Necklace

Necklaces are a great way to add a dash of style to your outfit. You can make your outfit as minimal or as bold as you want with a right neck piece. Necklaces come in a variety of types and designs, so you pick one that is suitable to you. Here is a necklace suggestion for you that you may like. It is a name necklace from the custom jewelry store ‘Etchcraft Emporium’. This necklace has an adjustable 20-inch chain with a cuboid-shaped locket. The locket looks stunning because of its 22-carat gold plating. Furthermore, you can get anything etched on the four sides of this premium locket. This name necklace will upgrade the look of your casual, informal, and party outfits

2. Locket for Men

Just like ladies, men should also keep their looks updated and fashionable. You can ensure great looks with this customizable locket for men. It is a statement neck piece for boys and men; it comes with an adjustable chain and a beautiful cuboidal locket. You can combine with this locket with casual, party, and informal outfits and you’re good to go! Don’t forget to add your name, date of birth, nickname, or anything else on all the sides of the locket. The text customization will add to its style and looks!

3. Car Keychain

Who said that only jewelry can make you look fashion-forward? Each of the small items give you a complete look. For example, your vehicle keychain; when you carry it, it showcases your unique choice. Therefore, you can get this superb, personalised car keychain. The dangler of the keychain is designed like a car and allows you to add any text or number laser-etched on to it.

4. Name Pendant

Have you ever realized that without a nice pendant, your outfit appears incomplete? So, ensure a perfect look with this name pendant. Whether you like long or short pendant chains, this one is just best for you because it has an adjustable chain. The entire beauty of this neckpiece lies in the pendant- a black-colored round pendant with a stainless-steel layer in the middle. The layer is finished in 22-carat gold plating and can be personalised. Pair it with any of your dress to get a fashion-forward appeal!

5. Name Bracelet

Apart from a watch, you can wear a bracelet to get a fashion-forward look. Here is a custom-made name bracelet for you. The custom jewelry brand “Etchcraft Emporium’ has designed it exclusively using stainless steel. It’s a 22-carat gold plated bracelet with can be laser-etched for extra dash of style.

 Final Words

These accessories are a must-have for any men and women for a stylish look forever. They will define your appearance and add to your confidence in the public. Make sure you try them out!

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