July 16, 2024

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Sick Of Your Slow Internet Service? Here’s What You Need

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Slow Internet


Slow internet service is a big no for all of us today. Especially if you are living in a country with advanced technology like the United States, you cannot bear the sluggish internet. There could be various reasons which have led you to experience such a frustrating situation. However, some internet service providers are also incapable to deliver the speeds they have advertised.

No matter what exactly the cause is, you need to bring the issue to the spotlight so your ISP can give some attention to it. Generally, the best way to bring slow internet service under the consideration of your ISP is to report the issue to customer support service such as CenturyLink Customer Service.

What has Made CenturyLink Internet so Famous?

This ISP has earned a tremendous amount of appreciation and recognition from its customers not only for delivering the best internet, home phone, or cable TV services but also for having highly responsive customer services.

CenturyLink’s representatives are always ready to hear from you and actively resolve your queries. Moreover, you can access its customer support whenever you want because it is available 24/7.

Just in case, you are more into handling the issue on your own, this blog is for you. So, without any further delay let’s start exploring it!

Some Quick Fixes for Slow Internet

We have added a couple of quick and simple fixes to improve the performance of your internet connection. You can resolve the slow internet speed of your internet service without seeking technical support by following these tips. So, let’s check them out!

Run the Internet Speed Test

The first fix we have for the slow internet speed is to run a speed test. This test does not fix the issue but helps you in figuring out what internet speed you are receiving across different smart devices at your home or office. The internet speed this test measures for you will clarify whether your ISP is delivering the advertised internet speed or not.

Ultimately, you will learn whether are you receiving the internet speed you are paying for every month or not. For instance, if you are not receiving the internet speed the ISP has contracted to deliver at the price you are paying, it means the frustration you have been through is because of the slow internet speed your ISP is providing you. Now feel free to take the matter to the concerned party.

Restart Your Internet Devices

However, if the speed test has shown the exact internet speed you are paying for, it means your ISP is reliable and the problem lies either within your internet device. Simply restart your equipment such as a router, modem, in-home Wi-Fi device, or Wi-Fi extender.

Through this action, you can wipe out all bugs from your entire system and make room for your system to get automatically updated. Sometimes, we forget to update our system due to our hectic routine which has a direct impact on the performance of our devices and internet speed. You can get a significant increase in internet speed just by restarting your router and modem. So, do it now!

Purchase an Advanced Router

Hopefully, your slow internet issue has been resolved until this point. However, if not, then worry not because we have plenty of other fixes for you in this blog. The next tip we have for fixing your slow internet problem is to get an advanced or upgraded router device for your internet connection.

Some of the leading internet service providers in the United States such as CenturyLink are providing freedom to their customers to either rent out routers from them or buy from the market. This freedom gives you a chance to get the fastest possible internet speed by installing an up-to-date router device on your internet system.

But you have to ensure whatever device you buy works compatibly with your ISP, internet connection type, and the internet plan, bundle, or deal you have subscribed to. As a good gesture, various ISPs also offer assistance to their customers who prefer to buy their devices rather than renting out from the providers. You can also discuss it with your ISP to learn how your provider is facilitating its subscribers for such initiatives.

Move Your Router to Another Place

If you don’t want to go for purchasing your router because it seems expensive to you for any reason, you can try out this tip. Sometimes the slow internet speed we are encountering is because of the location we have chosen for installing our router devices. The appropriate location for installing a router device in your house or office is a centralized place.

Check if your router is placed in the center of your house or office. If not, then move it right away to the center of your space so you can minimize potential interferences for the signals emitting from your Wi-Fi device. Moreover, it will help your router to equally spread internet signals throughout your home or office so that you can receive consistent internet speed across every corner of your space.

Use Ethernet Cable for Plugging Your Router Device into Your Computer

Another thing you can do for overcoming slow internet speed is to use an Ethernet cable for connecting your router device to your computer. Through this action, you can establish a stable connection between your router and computer. Thus you will receive consistently fast internet speed on your computer.

Scan Your Smart Devices to Identify Viruses in the System

If you are still unable to get a satisfactory internet speed, chances are there that your system is under influence of some viruses. For identifying viruses and fixing them, we recommend you run antivirus scan on your smart devices which are connected to your internet connection.

This antivirus scan will recognize all viruses or malware hidden in your system or devices which are consuming a major portion of your bandwidth. Once you identify such things in your system, remove them all without wasting a minute. Antivirus software is available online. You can get any that suits your system and has a higher reliability level.

Also, you can set an auto-scan feature for your antivirus software so it can automatically scan and remove malware or viruses from your system.

Activate Ad-Blocking Software

Last but not least option on our list is using ad-blocking software. You can activate this software on your browser to shrink down the loading times of various websites and block different types of advertisements. So, your system can quickly load whatever website you open on your browser.

In a Nutshell

If you are unable to get rid of the slow internet speed even after trying all of the above-mentioned tips, it’s time for you to switch to other internet plans such as CenturyLink Internet Plans. These internet plans provide the fastest internet speeds, reliable connectivity, freedom from data caps and contractual obligations, and a plethora of other perks at economical prices. However, to get your hands on these offers, you need to check out the availability of the ISP in your area first.

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