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Considering MBA in Marketing? Here is all you need to know about it!

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Considering MBA in Marketing


All products and services that are produced for revenue generation, need to be marketed according to industry standards. When it comes to learning the craft to effectively market a certain product or service, MBA in Marketing is a go-to option. The MBA in marketing syllabus renders an individual with an in-depth understanding of the corporate world.

A well-crafted MBA in Marketing syllabuswill make you completely industry-ready and prepared to understand products and their marketing and hence, you can start working in a corporate environment with flair. The significance of the hands-on and practical aspects of this specialization is much more prominent and enhanced than any other and institutes like CIEM and XLRI provide the required training to students

What’s in store for the students?

MBA in Marketing syllabus is a traditional yet one of the most sought-after career paths when it comes to jobs and employment in India and also, worldwide. The specialization furnishes the students with a wide range of skills that help them to carve out careers in brand management, advertising, and marketing. Students also learn how to use the new techniques in pace with the growing technological environment which helps them meet their business goals. Colleges like CIEM and the prestigious IIMs are the enablers of this massive growth.

The fundamental question becomes- WHY MBA IN MARKETING?

The workflow of any business firm is classified into various different segments from finance to sales. Out of all the aspects, marketing is one of the most important ones as it directly translates into revenue and spreading the word across. But what does MBA in marketing syllabus bring out in an individual more than, probably the BBA in marketing, or any other specialization or course? Here’s a list:

  • Developing in-depth concepts and new ideas related to marketing
  • Enhancing skills to market products and services through extensive flow and implementation of ideas
  • A spike in career and advancement opportunities in the concerned field
  • Cultivating global experience through international seminars, workshops, and exchange programs
  • Hands-on learning through increased higher-paid internships and jobs

What skills can be learned through the course?

More than learning and education, the ultimate goal of any student investing in an expensive and time taking course like an MBA is to find growth-oriented jobs and other employment opportunities, that can translate into a good earning. A thorough understanding of the MBA in marketing syllabus is key to starting your journey. What really comes to question is- How does the degree render you with the ability to take on such huge responsibilities? Here are some facets you will learn during the duration of the program:

  • Marketing Research
  • Industrial Marketing
  • Advertising and Sales Promotion
  • Managerial Economics
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Tele-calling
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Customer Relationship Management

Colleges like CIEM and Rayat Bahra University are the top names in the industry. These institutions are known for their practical, solution-oriented approach towards all problem that MBA and the professional world poses. It is important to understand that a good college is not only about the theoretical knowledge that it imparts, it is much more than that. Practicality and an ability to read between the lines to break down problems are the key skills when it comes to MBA.

Job opportunities

The MBA in marketing syllabus of good colleges like CIEM and IIMs focuses beyond the basics and is keen on providing the students with the skills to grab a return on their investment in the capital form. From placements to seminars, these colleges impart ideas and solutions, which are essential to work in a professional environment. The various fields in which an individual can work after graduating are:

  • Brand Manager
  • Area Sales Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Logistics Manager

When you are looking at the top colleges with a vast and effective MBA in marketing syllabus, you will observe that the status they maintain by consistently performing in two categories is evidently observable. A good foundation in academics with a focus on learning key concepts and ideas and building connections with professional associations and big MNCs to facilitate placements and internships. Colleges like IIMs and CIEM have consistently been on top on both ends.


The most important thing is to be industry-ready by checking all boxes so that you can finish your graduation and plunge your career into the stratosphere. It becomes essential to look out for new opportunities as the industry is full of them and keep hustling towards your goal!

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