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6 Easy-To-Follow Tips for Choosing Interior Paint Colours

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Interior Paint Colours


Picking the right hues for your interior walls is important as it will set the mood of your place. Your interior paint colours will serve as a backdrop for your interior décor. Hence, you must carefully handpick hues which you love and ones that lift your spirits.

We understand it can be overwhelming when it comes to picking interior colours for your new home as there are dozens of shades of every single colour when you visit a paint store. Keep on reading to seek 6 tips and hacks that will help you choose the perfect colours for your new home.

Decide on the mood you want to create

Before you pick your room colours, it is important to be clear on the vibe or mood that you want your room to have. If you want a light and cheerful room, then interior paint colours like sunshine yellow, orange and red will do the trick. If you are looking to create a peaceful sanctuary for yourself, then hues like greens, blues, terracotta, olive green, sage green and beige are the perfect colours to opt for.
Colours have a significant effect on your psychology so make sure that you choose your room colours keeping in mind their usability. For example, we would recommend you use bright colours for your living room where you will most likely entertain your guests.
Whereas, for your bedroom, we would recommend you avoid bright colours and instead opt for moody and calming hues which will help you sleep better.

Decide on a colour scheme 

Before you go paint shopping, carefully look at the colour wheel and pick colours that you would love to incorporate into your home. Pay attention to the complimentary colours and contrasting colours which you can pair together. We recommend you pick 3-4 hues which you can use throughout your home in different saturation and proportions. Make sure that every interior painting colour looks cohesive with the other and they don’t clash with each other.

Look for inspiration around the house

We are talking about paying attention to the furniture, window treatment, rugs, artwork, throws and pillows. Pick patterns and colours from around your home and then go ahead and buy interior paint colours that pair well with them. Make sure that you pay attention to the undertones of the colours and pair colours which have warm undertones together and cool ones together to make them look cohesive and effortless.

Play around with the saturation 

Don’t ditch an interior painting colour just because it doesn’t look good on the first go. You must always try a shade lighter or darker to check if it looks good in a room. You can check the shades on the paint catalogue or ask your paint contractor if he can customise the saturation or intensity of a hue to match your vision.

Always sample your paints 

We cannot put enough emphasis on this step. You must bring home paint swatches and test them against your furniture to see if it looks exactly how you envisioned them to be. Make sure that you observe the colours you have finalised during different times of the day as light tends to affect how a wall paint appears. Check out Asian Paints texture paints to take the aesthetics of your home to the next level.

Look outside for inspiration 

We are talking about carefully observing the landscape outside your home and taking inspiration from it. Do you live by the beach and love watching the shades of blue from the ocean and the sky and the greens from the palm trees? Why not incorporate these grounding and calming hues into your indoors? Similarly, people who live in the mountains or by the lake can go for deeper hues like hunter green, olive green, red, terracotta and dark grey for their mountain or lakeside cabins.

Make sure that you don’t rush the colour selection process for your home and take your own sweet time to decide on the colour scheme for your home. Looking to buy trendy and stylish interior paint colours? Go ahead and check out the Asian Paints texture paints and other contemporary paint finishes by Asian Paints which are sure to transform your space.

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