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How to choose a designer for home decoration?

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a designer for home decoration


A good designer, he will put forward many good suggestions according to your situation, and he will guide you to develop his design ideas. He will not advocate using the model room to convince you, because he will not be satisfied with what he has done before, and he will never talk about materials when he comes up, because there is no way to talk about materials before the design ideas are formed. And he will not talk about design in terms of design, he will discuss things outside the design topic with you, and the problems he talks to you are often things that you have not considered at all, or you think and feel, but you can’t express them. , But he expressed your feelings and thoughts. This is inseparable from a good designer’s deep understanding of society and a deep understanding of life.

Look at the designer’s work in recent years

Don’t just look at the most recent works. The designer should show the work and the information should be. Even if it was last year, the year before, or the present. As long as he is original, take his previous works as a reference and see if the accumulated experience over the past few years has improved him. Because the ability is good or bad, it can only be reflected in actual work.

Look at the professional ethics of designers

Designers should have their own principles. He will not make money that shouldn’t be made. They must have good ethics to give people a sense of trust. Some designers come to this company for interviews and can’t wait to show the work of the previous company to the applicant company. If I were the owner of this company, would I still dare to use you? If you don’t do it here, will you also show my company’s products to others? It is conceivable that a person’s integrity is of the utmost importance. Of course, the designer’s professional ethics not only requires this aspect, but also covers the qualities of being dedicated, hardworking, and willing to give in your post. Don’t miss Bargain Fox discount code  at Brand Discount

Look at the owner’s feedback

Perhaps it is difficult to determine exactly whether a designer is good or bad in a short period of time, so you can ask to see the feedback from the designer’s previous owners, which is even more a good strategy! No matter how much you say, it is not as true as your actual test, and it can convince yourself. You can even select a few owners yourself and ask them about the designer’s service, professional technical level or communication skills, etc. you want to know about them.

Observe design ideas and ideas

Ideal divorced from reality = novice

The things made by poor designers are very public, for fear that others will not know that he has the ability. Although they have certain design skills, they cannot control the design, and the things they make cannot stand the test of time.

Passionate substitution ability: This is a mistake that most owners will make. People are emotional animals, so they are easily moved. Once they are moved, they often lose their ability to think rationally. If you encounter someone who is warm and thoughtful to you When a designer with poor professional ability, remember to step out of his sensibility. Of course you can treat him as a friend. However, if you give him the design of the house because of his enthusiasm, you will soon regret it. Because enthusiasm is not equal to ability, nor can it replace ability, so you must learn to say “NO” to the decoration company. Asking to change designers is your wisest approach.

Follow free design: Now many decoration companies will use free design as a marketing method in order to attract more customers. In fact, many customers will regard free design as an aspect of comparison, which is actually another misunderstanding. Charged design is an affirmation of the designer’s labor. Since you choose him, it means that you believe in him, so you should also recognize his labor, and it makes sense to pay a certain amount of remuneration for it.

What’s more, the paid service will definitely be better than the free one, just like the current beauty experience. It is said that it is free, but in fact it is to sell you their products. If you are determined not to buy it, she can wash half of her face. You leave it there for a long time and ignore it. When you leave, it won’t give you a good face.

Although this is different from the nature of the decoration industry, after all, there are other charges for decoration projects, and it is impossible for him to look bad on you. However, for a designer who designs for you for free, it is simply impossible for him to devote himself to designing for you. Not to mention some aspects of project supervision in the later period. ​

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