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How Do I Become More Confident While Speaking in English?

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English is a confusing language for new learners because of the numerous grammar rules. Therefore, people always lose hope or confidence while speaking the language even after completing certification. However, a few methods can prove useful in regaining it.

5 Tips to Become More Confident While Speaking English

· Make Recordings

The best way to learn personal mistakes while speaking English is by making recordings. You can speak aloud while reading from a book, mimic a character, play the role of a person, etc., and record the practices.

Listen to the recordings daily and try to find areas of improvement after a month. By doing so, you would improve your listening and speaking skills. Additionally, you will find common mistakes and can work on them.

· Practice with a Friend

Regular practice is possible with a friend that communicates in English as a first language. However, if you don’t have such a friend, you should not hesitate to find like-minded people trying to achieve the same goal in a classroom or a group.

Make a rule of speaking in English whenever you gather, and you would not feel hesitant or shy making mistakes in front of friends. Alternatively, join a community that practices speaking in English at least for an hour.

· Join a Course

Finding a friend and self-learning can become challenging, especially while trying to grasp English grammar rules. Therefore, joining a class with a group of people or taking personal sessions can prove beneficial.

However, personal sessions offer the advantage of the teacher’s undivided attention and help to grasp the language lesson at one’s pace. On the other hand, group classes benefit from a study partner and learning with people trying to achieve the same objective as you.

· Read Aloud

Another practice that helps to speak English confidently is reading aloud for at least 30 minutes a day. Reading academic material from newspapers, magazines, journals, etc., can help enhance vocabulary, pronunciation, annotations, sentence formation, etc.

You can refer to the Oxford dictionary to learn more about the pronunciation of unfamiliar words and usage in sentences. Reading aloud helps to boost confidence without any assistance. However, you might feel under confident because you don’t have a professional to clear doubts.

· Speak Slower

At times, we don’t have the same speaking speed as the speed of our thoughts. Therefore, we intend to stutter or mispronounce words, even in public. You can avoid such mistakes and become more confident while speaking English publicly by decreasing your verbal speed.

The practice would help you become more thoughtful and even think of better sentence structures or words before speaking. Moreover, it will let the audience learn that you are confident in your thoughts and speech.

Besides these five tips, you should stop becoming afraid of making mistakes, as even native English speakers make them, especially with new words or phrases. Moreover, it would be best to think of the language as an accomplishment, as it is not your mother tongue.

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