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Best Online Games to Enjoy in 2023

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Best Online Games


Online gaming is an exciting and fascinating world, despite the recent revival of single player titles like God of War. Online gaming is a fun, hugely amusing, and reasonably priced way to pass the time. Additionally, the demand for online games is only growing as the world becomes more digital. So, if you are in a fix, check out the list of best online games you can play in 2023.

Best Online Games to Enjoy in 2023

1. Minecraft

This game was released in 2011 and is compatible with Mac OS, Linux, and Microsoft Windows. There are several game modes, and in each, players must construct their campus, make it through the day, and fend off attacks from people, food, and animals. It is a 3D sandbox game with few restrictions that give players complete freedom. Among its different modes are a spectator mode, an adventure mode, a survival mode, and a creative mode.

2. Lost Ark

Arkesia is a fictional setting for the free-to-play video game Lost Ark. Lost Ark is exceptional in that it offers users the option to play as characters who engage in combat with other players while also allowing players to select characters who are committed to peaceful professions. It has 250,000 online players and an MMO style. The game is set in a range of places, from various land realms to the open sea. Players have the option to play in both warrior and diplomat classes.

3. Fortnight Battle Royale

Since its debut in 2017, this game has been a fan favourite. Nevertheless, the game’s popularity reached its zenith in 2018. It continues to dominate in terms of statistics and dramatic consequences, but its popularity is not given much consideration due to the fact that it only targeted males, unlike games like PUBG, which targeted both genders. However, its popularity has increased now and there are many more players than previously and there are more features, tools, and game styles in this online game.


PUBG, which was released in 2018, has more than 100 million online players and is the most popular game worldwide. Its best qualities are its realistic graphics and excellent playability. The game gained notoriety thanks to its wildly popular battle royale mode among users. The game’s theme is centred on a number of competition-based modes in which players can compete individually or in teams. The battle royale mode, on the other hand, pits at least 100 players against one another for the chance to win the chicken supper. To put it simply it’s a game of last man standing. The objective of the battle royale is for participants to eliminate their rivals. At the end of each game, they are also given incentives based on how well they played. They can then open packages carrying priceless stuff like player attire and customised weapons.

5. Call of Duty Mobile

If you want to play a fun and playable online game, try the mobile version of Call of Duty. Since the game’s debut in 2019, there are approximately 15 million active players per month. This free-to-play first-person shooter game was created in cooperation between TiMi Studios and Activision. Furthermore, it has generated a lot of attention in the gaming community ever since its initial release.

6. Among Us

When this game was released in 2018, the gaming community gave it positive reviews. One of the top US game developers, Innersloth, is responsible for making this multiplayer game. The Game Award for Best Multiplayer Game was also given to the game in its inaugural year. It was made available for iOS and Android devices first. However, the creators made it available for a variety of online services and game consoles as it gained popularity.

Every month, thousands of brand-new video games are published, making it challenging to keep up. But if you decide to play one of the aforementioned online games, you will definitely get the most out of your time. In addition to these, online sports games themselves have grown in popularity. A significant section of our sizable population has turned to fantasy gaming due to digitization. Thanks to its interface, interoperability, and reward structure, fantasy sports like fantasy cricket and others have acquired popularity among participants in the modern era.

How Did Fantasy Sports Become Popular In The Online Gaming Space?

As the gaming business continues to expand, online games have expanded past the boundaries of science fiction and moved towards the world of sports. This gave birth to numerous online leagues including online fantasy sports, such as cricket fantasy league, which are experiencing a phenomenal rise in popularity across the nation today.

The thing with fantasy games is that they let players assemble fictional teams made up of actual athletes from a certain sport. The player can get a sense of amazing power thanks to it.

The fantasy game genre continues to be a well-liked and sought-after topic in gaming, just like in books, comics, and television. With several sub-genres, including fables, fairy tales, and superhero fiction, it is undoubtedly the most engrossing storytelling genre. Everyone can find something to enjoy in the fantasy genre be it those looking for a combat game, or a sports game. The fantasy genre is a never-ending gift, and all players enjoy occasionally being taken to a different world.


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