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Why Hiring a Personal Trainer for English Speaking is a Better Option Than Group Classes?

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Learning a new language of verbal communication can become challenging, especially after crossing the teenage threshold. Working professionals often have limited time but require fluency to convey internal and external messages for completing work.

Misinterpretation can delay results, miscommunicate, or even create workflow disruptions. Moreover, English has become one of the most commonly spoken languages globally, especially in India.

You can learn spoken English by hiring a personal trainer or joining a group. However, learning English from a personal trainer is much more beneficial compared to taking group classes.

4 Advantages of Taking Spoken English Classes from a Personal Trainer

● Designed to Meet Individual Needs

Unlike group classes that focus on at least nine to ten people, spoken English classes from a personal trainer concentrate on an individual. It means the trainers assess the current level of language knowledge and areas of improvement of a single person and build the curriculum around.

Moreover, the lesson plans become adjustable based on the learning speed of a student. Additionally, individuals can ask to revisit the lessons or vocabulary during the session. However, teachers often miss out on answering the queries of all students in a group class.

●  Involves More Speaking Practice

Individual classes offer undivided attention to a person, and the practices or tests happen for an individual. On the other hand, group classes provide equal opportunities to all students and reduce the time for speaking. Hence, the verbal skills improve faster with a spoken English personal trainer than in group classes.

All teachers around the globe would agree that the key to improving a skill is by practicing. One-to-one classes help to achieve this goal by creating a routine. Spoken English involves fluency, pronunciation, removing mother tongue influence, and more. Students also require continuous practice every day to stay updated about new vocabulary, even after finishing the course.

● Concentrates on Personal Areas of Improvement

Every student encounters different sets of problems while learning spoken English. One could face difficulty with conjunctions and pronunciation, whereas the other could have a slow learning speed. Meeting all learner’s needs becomes challenging for a teacher, and often, a few areas are left out during group sessions.

On the other hand, a spoken English personal trainer concentrates on improving a single person, ensuring nothing is left out. Moreover, individuals can add more classes or extend the course to learn advanced level of English.

● Ensures Clarity Over Doubts

A course for a group is often customized around the common lessons of learning spoken English. Students often ask more than one question during the sessions, and the teacher often responds by asking them to note down and clears after the lesson or during a doubt clearing session.

Unfortunately, the learner doesn’t remember the pretext of the question, even after penning down the question. Meanwhile, one-to-one personal trainer classes help to clear doubt on the spot without worrying the student. Consequently, hiring a spoken English personal trainer is much better than group classes. Therefore always opt for best english speaking app to hire for the same.

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