July 16, 2024

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Establish Improved Business Credibility with an Accessibility Overlay

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Major business houses, including iconic names like General Electric, Netflix, and Hilton, are banking on accessibility overlays to boost business and credibility in the market. Overlays improve the overall user experience, and they are highly popular in establishing your presence in the market. Small to medium business houses are benefitted from an overlay tool. They can save costs and time over a developer team to fix website accessibility issues for their companies.

An insight into an accessibility overlay tool for your business success and growth

An accessibility overlay tool is an automated application that makes changes to the site to enhance its accessibility. It is called an “overlay” because it sits on the top of the website’s base code without making any sort of change to its fundamental source code. This helps the site face lower risks of broken codes, and users can get a better experience with browsing through it on the Internet.

Areas where an overlay can assist your site’s improvement

There are multiple areas where an overlay helps your site. However, the advantages you get with the tool depend upon the service provider you choose. The following are some salient areas where you can enjoy the benefits of an assistive overlay tool-

1. Pausing animation or flash motions- Some users suffer from epilepsy, and this is a major concern for them, especially when flash ads come on screen. You can use an overlay tool to disable the feature easily.

2. Customized fonts– Users can change the text’s type, size, and alignment. This is crucial for those who have visual impairments or are blind. They cannot write traditional website small text, and this is where the overlay tool helps.

3. Customized colors– Many users are color blind, and the overlay can help them to choose different color contrasts profiles they can easily adjust as per their preferences.

4. Compatibility with screen readers– Software programs permit the visually impaired and blind to read text displayed on their computer screens with a braille display or a speech synthesizer. The overlay tool can also add text elements over photo or video files.

The above is just of the salient features that an accessibility overlay has to enhance the website user experience for businesses. There are some tools with extra features to cover and improve lesser-known components for your site.

Developers versus accessibility overlays- what should you choose for your business site?

As a business owner, you might be torn between relying on a developer or investing in an accessibility overlay for your site. Experts recommend you invest in an accessibility overlay, as it is cost-effective and helps you to detect website issues faster.

Most technologies available in the market today are ready for the future. They are adept at meeting changes as they appear in the government regulations and rules. Investing in an AI accessibility overlay empowered tool helps you to stay compliant with ADA and WCAG rules. It enhances the accessibility feature of your site and helps you keep lawsuits away too!

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