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Can You Get the DNA Paternity Test Done Without Your Father?

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DNA Paternity


The DNA paternity test is used to identify whether the alleged father is the real biological father of the child or not. Besides, its results are always accurate. In general, an individual will receive half DNA from his or her father, and the other from the mother. When it comes to a paternity test, samples for testing can be derived from various body sources. However, the commonly tested ones are

  • Mouth Flocked Swab
  • Blood

You don’t have to go anywhere for this test nowadays due to the availability of at-home DNA paternity test. Most of the labs send you a DNA collection kit to your address. Now, you have to send the samples back to the lab. When it comes to the results, they will usually send them within 2 to 3 days.

When you check online, you will find thousands of websites selling home paternity test. Besides, some of them provide accurate results, while some don’t. Some charge more for their services, while some charge reasonably from their clients. To avoid confusion when making your choice, check client reviews online.

Paternity test offered by PaternityUSA is very famous in the US. Their DNA collection kits are very affordable. Moreover, their lab is well known for providing accurate results. The best part about their lab is that they always perform the test twice, which means you need not worry about the accuracy of the results.

Is it possible to get the DNA paternity test without the father?

If a probable father is unavailable for testing, you could test either one or both of his parents. Another alternative is to use the Half-Siblingship Test or siblingship to compare the child’s DNA to that of a sibling. You can also consider any other close relative of your probable father like your sister or sibling. For more options, you can contact a lab in your location which provide home DNA test.

You can also use the samples like toothbrushes and hair of your possible father for testing. However, most of the labs usually prefer used tissues or discarded ear swabs for testing. The result, in this case, will be provided usually within 6 to 7 days. By this time, you would have understood that DNA paternity testing can be done without your father. This is usually referred to as a ‘non-legal’ paternity test.

The results obtained in the non-legal paternity test cannot be used in court. If you are looking for a paternity test for legal purposes then the process can be different altogether. Your possible father has the legal right to decline a court-ordered paternity test, but he will face legal penalties if he does. If a paternity action is filed, the court may or may not order the potential father to undergo a paternity test right away.

The court will check all the necessary proofs and then recommends a paternity test if necessary. Legal DNA testing necessitates the testing of child, father, and mother samples in the presence of a 3rd party, with notary-verified documentation enclosing the sample to be submitted to the lab. The test findings are delivered immediately to the legal body that requested the exam.

Book at home DNA test today for your peace of mind!

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