May 19, 2024

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5 Crucial Measures to Keep Your Dedicated Server Safe & Secure

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Dedicated Servers are one of the most popular hosting servers that offer a wide range of benefits to business owners. This is why established businesses buy Dedicated Server solutions, where a website is allocated an entire server with all its resources. These resources are dedicated to one website and are not shared with any other websites. Thus, a Dedicated Server provides a host of advantages such as enhanced performance, reliability, scalability, high uptime, customization, and security.

Despite all these benefits, Dedicated Servers are also vulnerable and prone to security breaches and loopholes. Dedicated Server Hosting offers a range of services to internal and external users and contains a huge chunk of sensitive information about the web, infrastructure management, emails, and many file servers. This information is hacked by hackers and con users, which they later use for identity theft.

Dedicated Hosting servers are prone to the following threats:

  • Unauthorized modification and alteration of data
  • Addition of software bugs by malicious hackers to get an unauthorized server access
  • Attacks on associated services and supporting network infrastructure.

What are the measures to keep your Dedicated Server secure?

Getting your Dedicated Server hacked is the last thing you want for your business. Here are five essential measures you can implement to keep your Dedicated Server safe and secure:

1.      Only install vital services

The chances of security breach and malicious attacks increase with the number of open ports for the server applications. Therefore, it is crucial to only keep those services on and running that are essential in nature. This is also one reason why your web hosting provider suggests you disable your FTP service if you are not currently using it in real-time.

2.      Password security

Your hosting provider will provide you with default usernames and passwords in non-encrypted text that are easy to guess. And therefore, the first step that you must take is to change your Dedicated Server’s password. It is also a good practice and recommended to change the password at frequent intervals.

3.      Firewall installation

Firewalls are a great defence mechanism that provides protection against hackers and attackers on the essential services of the server. These firewalls also help detect any intrusion attempts by acting as a wall between an application and external threats.

4.      Perform regular data backups

Data backups are crucial for any business. They are essential to ensure quick and on-time accessibility of critical data files at times of crisis. Thus, you must perform regular backups of your FTP, database, traffic log, configuration files for the email server, web server, etc.

5.      Server monitoring

It is important to monitor your Dedicated Server against any hacks and threats. It is also recommended to schedule some frequent alerts for any server malfunctioning. You can also install security auditing tools to keep an eye on any suspicious hacking attempts.

Summing Up

A Dedicated Server still consists of several loopholes which need to be fixed immediately instead of risking your private and confidential data. Taking as many security measures as possible is always a good thing. Many web hosting providers offer great Dedicated Servers in India. Buy a Dedicated Server for your business to enhance its performance and security today.

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